Spamd Statistics

After a quick google round I came across this post on misc@
Sadly the link is now dead, but a copy of the script was reposted onto misc@ again which is handy, I’ve also made a copy of the script available here

Anyway, so I copied the script onto one of my openbsd boxes & fired it up resulting in this rather impressive output:
Spamd statistics: (logfile: /var/log/spamd)
Host Seconds Connections (secs/conn)

great!, spamdb lists a huge list of IP addresses & this is all I’m able to get out of it??
After checking out /etc/syslog.conf I found that I hadn’t added the entry for logging spamd when I reformatted, a quick edit & a kill -HUP later things looked much better! 🙂

Spamd statistics: (logfile: /var/log/spamd)
Host Seconds Connections (secs/conn) 12 1 12.00 24 1 24.00

Typo in Webalizer manpage

Whilst writing the weblizer.conf file for this site I came across a typo in the man page. The keyword Hostname listed in the manpage is wrong, if used the following error is spat out when webalizer is run:
Warning: Invalid keyword 'Hostname' (/etc/webalizer.conf)

The correct keyword is: HostName

PF Statistics

I’ve gone stat & monitoring crazy in the past few weeks, using Hatchet you can generate graphs & charts from the PF log files on the state of PF. Another tool is also available called pfrtg which does a similar job.