OpenNMS-dev port for FreeBSD

10/6/14 – No longer maintained

I’ve created a new FreeBSD port for installing releases from the unstable branch of OpenNMS.
This port suffers from the same issue as the stable port

You can grab the port here

Initial port, installs version 1.7.92

Update to version 1.9.2

I’ve setup a temporary mercurial repository with all version of the port in the repo to make moving forward easier (I say the repo is temporary as I intend to host my own instance of mercurial & to push out to git & bitbucket as well).

Update to version 1.9.7

Update to version 1.9.8
With this release, OpenNMS switched to the new JNA Pinger The JNA Pinger assumes IPv6 is enabled by default & if not doesn’t fail gracefully, this will cause problems if you’re running OpenNMS in a jail from example & you’ve not assigned the jail an IPv6 address, you can keep with the progress of this issue in NMS-4673
PR’s have been raised to update JICMP, JRRD & iplike to the latest versions in ports, see PR #’s 156785 156786 157120

Update to version 1.9.90

Update to version 1.9.93

OpenNMS port for FreeBSD

10/6/14 – No longer maintained

The port is for the current stable version, v1.6.2. It is in its very early stages, there are still some issues which need to be ironed out:

* The port will install just fine except that it complains about some files listed in the pkg-plist which are not there, well they are there but the files named are dynamically generated everytime a build is attempted (jetty-webapps & webapps cache files) so this will need to be fixed.

* As there are issues with these filenames in the pkg-plist, make package fails.

* A problems with the jicmp dependency, it fails to detect that jicmp is installed & attempts to build & install it no-matter what & obviously fails if it is.

All previous issues with the port listed above have been resolved, the port now just needs to be tested before submission for inclusion in ports.

You can grab the port here

Moved progress status to a separate text file

CoovaChilli 1.0.12 port for FreeBSD

As v1.0.12 is finally released I’ve updated the unfinished port for the SVN builds
The todo list is kinda the same but I’m on the case this time & its fairly trivial to sort out, I just need feedback on any issues building the port & getting it up & running.

Grab the port here
If you need a main.conf to start with grab it here

Thanks to David Bird for working over the issues with coova on FreeBSD this weekend, the random coredump issue has been resolved & chilli_query now works properly aswell as coova itself! 🙂
I’ve updated the port, use the link above to download & test.

Updated the port to make it build-able on FreeBSD 7.0, added rc script & sample configs, the port is nearly ready for submission, its now lacking documentation & a little cleaning up on scripts, use the link above to fetch a new copy of the port.

Tidied up the scripts by removing linux related references e.g iptables, the port has now been submitted for inclusion in the ports tree ports/130357
Use the link above to fetch a copy in the meantime.

Port Commited
Please note that the sample configs are now located in /usr/local/share/examples/cooovachilli
The chillispot port has also been updated to prevent installation of both packages.

CoovaChilli port for FreeBSD commited

CoovaChilli for FreeBSD

I’ve created a long overdue port of CoovaChilli for FreeBSD, this should be considered as a work in progress for a couple of reasons:
1) As the current stable release v1.0.11 doesn’t build on the BSD’s the port installs a SVN checkout of build 152 which resolves build issues with FreeBSD
2) this is a result of a couple of hours of faffing around due to me being a bit rusty, the port definitely installs & uninstalls cleanly
but doesn’t install things in the right place as far as where things should live in the BSD userland e.g the www files are installed in {PREFIX}/etc/chilli/www which is wrong + some others bits.
3) The port doesn’t include any of additional docs/configs which where included with the chillispot port, eg a PF config.
4) No testing has been done apart from the fact that it builds correctly

You can grab a copy of the port here
copy the file to /usr/ports/net-mgmt
& uncompress

Small change, the correct location of the localstate directory (/var) is passed onto configure, redownload the file if you grabbed a copy previously.

Chillispot 1.1.0 for FreeBSD

I’ve finally gotten around to bringing the FreeBSD port of Chillispot up to date with the current release (v1.1.0).
As v1.1.0 is considered unstable it will not overwrite v1.0 which is currently in the tree, it will instead live alongside it in net-mgmt/chillispot-dev.
I have not had a chance to test this port with any wireless clients yet but it should work in theory, the only difference between this port & the initial patch I made to make it buildable is that I’ve used an alternative method for dealing with clearenv() as pointed out by Joe Marcus Clarke

Grab a copy of the first revision of the port here