Beginning LaTeX – Typesetting the OpenBSD FAQ

I attended a one day training course held by the UK TUG back in July of last year which introduced beginners to LaTeX.
It was relatively simple to get up & running & we were able to put together basic documents with ease after a little practice.
Slides from the course
Handout from the course
To apply what I’d learnt on the course I decided to typeset the OpenBSD FAQ to get me on my way with LaTeX as the official PDF available for download appears to be generated using a pdf printer from the website which is great (links & chapters are there & working) but I don’t think it look that great.
A beautiful OS deserves beautiful documentation! 🙂
So I had a brief attempt at it the days proceeding the course & got side tracked after doing the very basics on the first 4 chapters. Nearly a year on, I thought I’d have another stab at it.
The tex files are in a Mercurial repo & there’s a PDF too 🙂
I’ve managed to get 10 of the 15 sections from the faq into tex files so far, with basic formatting applied to text, but there are lots to do yet e.g links, tidying up formatting, setting a typographical convention & applying it consistently.