My 1st Patch!

I’ve just created my 1st patch, to add support for Slackware to the iSCSI Enterprise Target software

Read this guide if youre interested in rolling out your patches

--- Makefile.orig 2004-11-22 10:30:57.000000000 +0000
+++ Makefile 2004-11-22 10:35:16.000000000 +0000
@@ -28,6 +28,8 @@
install -v -m 755 scripts/initd.debian /etc/init.d/iscsi-target;
elif [ -f /etc/redhat-release ]; then
install -v -m 755 scripts/initd.redhat /etc/init.d/iscsi-target;
+ elif [ -f /etc/slackware-version ]; then
+ install -v -m 755 scripts/initd /etc/rc.d/iscsi-target;
install -v -m 755 scripts/initd /etc/init.d/iscsi-target;

iSCSI On a budget!

Following the Quick Guide to iSCSI on Linux I managed to setup a iSCSI Target host on Slackware 10 running on a virtual machine on VMware then connected to it from the Windows 2000 box which was the VMware host! 🙂

I used the iSCSI Enterprise Target rather then the Ardis Target which the guide covers but as the Enterprise Target is a fork of the Ardis Target there is no variation in steps carried out.

The Windows Initiator can be dowloaded from here