Automated Uploads with FTP using cron

Today I’ve mostly been messing with IRC bots & toys.
setup a bot (eggdrop) & irc stat generator (pisg) on my server here at home. Unfortunately the channels website is hosted elsewhere, using crontab I created a cron job to run pisg at a regular interval, then planned on using ftp in another job to upload the generated stats page. Unfortunately there no way of telling the ftp command to upload files.
To get around this I resorted to setting a cron job on a script which ran ftp & included the necessary ftp commands to upload the file piped to the ftp command.
Heres the script I used (thnx Dan!):

ftp -i -n <<EOF
user myusern mypasswd
cd /whereu/want2upload/
lcd /wherethe/fileis/locatedlocally/
put index.html

the crontab entry looks like this
0 * * * * /pathto/sh /pathtothe/script >/dev/null 2>&1

Though Shall Post

Sooo tired, I keep on meaning to sit down & write some articles for here, defo over the weekend Ill sit my arse down & get some stuff typed up, got some tidbits for openbsd I wanna share 🙂

Hello World

Welcome to my blog
I have setup this site to share my thoughts & experiences of all things geek/tech like with all you ppl out there, I hope you enjoy your visit here 🙂