CoovaChilli for FreeBSD

I’ve created a long overdue port of CoovaChilli for FreeBSD, this should be considered as a work in progress for a couple of reasons:
1) As the current stable release v1.0.11 doesn’t build on the BSD’s the port installs a SVN checkout of build 152 which resolves build issues with FreeBSD
2) this is a result of a couple of hours of faffing around due to me being a bit rusty, the port definitely installs & uninstalls cleanly
but doesn’t install things in the right place as far as where things should live in the BSD userland e.g the www files are installed in {PREFIX}/etc/chilli/www which is wrong + some others bits.
3) The port doesn’t include any of additional docs/configs which where included with the chillispot port, eg a PF config.
4) No testing has been done apart from the fact that it builds correctly

You can grab a copy of the port here
copy the file to /usr/ports/net-mgmt
& uncompress

Small change, the correct location of the localstate directory (/var) is passed onto configure, redownload the file if you grabbed a copy previously.

7 Replies to “CoovaChilli for FreeBSD”

  1. Hi,

    Tons of thanks.

    I will try it out in couple of days.

    Venkatesh K

  2. Installation is fine, but when start chilli, wrong paths appears.

  3. new version install no problem, but when start problem invalid dhcp.

  4. new version error

    net.c: 196: 22 (Invalid argument) read(fd=5, len=1534) == -1
    chilli.c: 3673: 0 (Debug) dhcp_decaps() failed!

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