Chillispot 1.1.0 for FreeBSD

I’ve finally gotten around to bringing the FreeBSD port of Chillispot up to date with the current release (v1.1.0).
As v1.1.0 is considered unstable it will not overwrite v1.0 which is currently in the tree, it will instead live alongside it in net-mgmt/chillispot-dev.
I have not had a chance to test this port with any wireless clients yet but it should work in theory, the only difference between this port & the initial patch I made to make it buildable is that I’ve used an alternative method for dealing with clearenv() as pointed out by Joe Marcus Clarke

Grab a copy of the first revision of the port here

6 Replies to “Chillispot 1.1.0 for FreeBSD”

  1. Hi there,

    I think the product is brilliant, any really hope it becomes a leader, not only for a great captive portal but also for the *BSD’s.

    I am really looking forward for the next release and some eye candy like what they have done with coova.

    Great work!

  2. I wouldn’t hold my breath, the mailing list for chillispot is still alive, but the site has disappeared. The future is uncertain, your best bet would be to start migrating to coova.

  3. hi there, i’m trying to install chillispot

    the dhcp works and dont realy see errors

    but looks like dns is not working and clients dont get a login screen.

    can ping from client to server , but for the rest its not sending any data

    greeting franco

  4. hi, i cant get chillispot working, can u help me ???

    greetings franco

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