Brighton Chilli 0.002-ALPHA Released

I finally managed to roll out a new release of Brighton Chilli, the new release contains the following fixes & additions:
Added support for WPA & 802.11i to the kernel
Added support for Atheros chipset cards to the kernel
Fixed a typo in chilli.conf (chilli should redirect to the right file now)
Patch for chillispots hotspotlogin.cgi to enable it to work with lighttpd
Move the cgi-bin directory to /var mfs so that it’s on a writable FS allowing hotspotlogin.cgi to be edited
Added chillispot to rc.conf
Serial console redirection now works
Changed the loader logo to beastie

5 Replies to “Brighton Chilli 0.002-ALPHA Released”

  1. Hello, I saw your post you did a while back on netbooting an ibook and I’m wondering if there is a way I can powerup my ibook either remotely or maybe set up the firmware to just start the machine without waiting for the powerup button..

    I accidentally ripped off the connectory off the main logic board that connects the power switch to the logic board on my ibook G4 while installing a newer bigger disk..

    Sorry for my off-topic post.. just a swing in the dark, any help will be much appreciated.

  2. Hello! Excellent project(s) here… If you have any patches for chillispot, I would be interested in merging them into the coova-chilli branch (thanks for your patches posted already!) Best regardes.

  3. Thanks for the pointer Paul, BC is long due an update anyway, keep your eyes peeled in the next few weeks, I should have a new version out soon.

  4. Hi Venture37,
    I still waiting for an updated in the project, I am currently running FreeBSD 6.2-R, having some issues with chilli at startup. Is this proyect BC compatible with DD-WRT or just OpenWRT? I would apreciate some more text on it, the commmunity is in need of projects that are supported by DD-WRT as many of us are not willing to take the long road of OpenWRT and its complex framework. Thank you for your contribution venture37, you doing an awesome job.

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