D-Link Sux

Been dealing with a D-link DSL300T ethernet modem today & I now have a even bigger hatred for their kit, the pony piece of kit re-enables the dhcp server & sets the clock back to 1970 after powercycling the unit (even though you’ve saved the changes) resulting in a impressive uptime stat on the modems admin page & a confused firewall (which sits behind the modem) wondering why it has a 192.168.x.x IP address on both the wan & lan port.

One Reply to “D-Link Sux”

  1. I am new to broadband, using a D-Link 300T. It doesn’t take a Genius to relise that This bit
    of kit is useless when trying to share bittorrents. Poor inferior machine gets all confused
    with the sharers and has a heart attack. Dont buy one is the vibe. If you have then bin it
    because d-link wont refund and you dont want to punish a buyer of secondhand rubbish.

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