Book Review: Pro DNS and BIND

So this is not a new book by any means, bought in 2007, published in 2005, covering BIND 9.x & now succeeded by Pro DNS and BIND 10, I’m on a mission to try & clear as much of my book shelf of books as I can, with ebooks & daily deals from publishers the digital shelf in ibooks is by no means shrinking while I’ve stopped buying books in print. My back is thankful for it & large reference books happily sit in digital format in reach when onsite. Anyway, back to the book this post is about, the book is a polished up version of the DNS for Rocket Scientists Guide which you most certainly would’ve come across if searching for answers to BIND & DNS related questions on the web, with a chapter on DNSSEC which is not on the website for added value.
The book is split into six parts:

  • Principles and Overview
  • Get Something Running
  • DNS Security
  • Reference
  • Programming
  • Appendixes
  • I read the first eleven of fifteen chapters which took me to the end of the DNS Security part, the last three part are all reference material such as BIND API, RFCs & configuration file parameter lists.
    Like the online guide the book is full of useful information & a very easy read apart from the DNS Security part. The “Securing Zone Transfers” felt out of place and jumped into using the dnssec-keygen with no prior reference to it, I struggled with the DNSSEC chapter also but that may have been more to do with it being my first exposure to the topic. The only thing I found annoying was the repeated reference to the backslash representing the spanning to a new line for every paragraph proceeding a command snippet.

    With reading this book and a review of deploying DNSSEC in the Intro to DNSSEC video from BSDCan 2012 I am looking forward to deploying DNSSEC via both DS & DLV as I have registrar support for some TLDs but not ccTLDs.