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  1. I’m a bit of noob, but I was wondering how to use this port. If I run make it says “chillispot-1.0.tar.gz doesn’t seem to exist on this system” and goes to fetch it from the Chillispot website.

    As a newbie I am still getting familiar with the terminology used, however I would expect that a port would be the entire application customised to suit the new OS. Since this is only a 6k file does that mean it is more of a patch.

    Some basic instructions on how to install Chillispot with this port would be appreciated.

  2. hi,

    I trying to run your port under OpenBSD 5.0 and i have a problem :

    ChilliSpot version 1.0 started.
    chillispot[24966]: ChilliSpot 1.0. Copyright 2002-2005 Mondru AB. Licensed under GPL. See http://www.chillispot.org for credits.
    chillispot[24966]: tun.c: 703: 2 (No such file or directory) Can’t find tunnel device
    chillispot[24966]: chilli.c: 3497: Failed to create tun

    Do you have an idea to resolve it ?



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