Juniper SRX & FreeBSD/mips

I didn’t realise the Juniper SRX line (at least the 100) was based on a MIPS SoC made by OCTEON.

CPU in a SRX100b
OCTEON CN5020-SCP pass 1.1, Core clock: 500 MHz, DDR clock: 266MHz (532 Mhz data rate)

dmesg from SRX100

Thinking about it now, I now understand why Juniper contributed the code back up to FreeBSD back in 2007 & as I search around for reference material to link to in this blog post the pieces are falling into place.
An announcement was made at the start of month that DTrace had been ported to FreeBSD/MIPS by Oleksandr Tymoshenko.
What this will mean is that when the code makes it back into a Junos release you will have the ability to get near realtime answers of what is going on your router or firewall for example using the network provider & it’ll be safe to run in production because DTrace is designed not to be harmful, something which Cisco doesn’t do & use of debug commands is discouraged on production systems because they are considered harmful.

If you’ve never played with DTrace & have a Mac, its available on all system running Leopard & above, see this article on getting started
Its available in Solaris (& derivatives) which is also where it originates from & on FreeBSD but system has to be rebuilt to enable support, see the wiki article for details.