4 Replies to “New Toy!! Workpad Z50”

  1. Please let me know how this goes as I have always had a sweet spot for the z50. I would buy one on ebay if you get NetBSD rocking and rolling succesfully (try OpenBSD if you get a chance!)


  2. Its been working just fine with the hpc-mips ports of NetBSD since I got the unit, only thing is I can’t run X on it cause I’ve only got 16MB ram in it apart from that it’s great!!

  3. Hey, can you get back to me by email and tell me how the hell to get netbsd on my z50. It’s working pretty sweet with CE 2.0, but it can be sweeter with NetBSD, I’m sure… I can’t find instructions on how to do it… Well, instructions for us mere mortals.

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