Building the MSP430 openchronos firmware on FreeBSD

There are two openchronos projects, there’s the original OpenChronos project & the continuation openchronos project.
The openchronos code has a few modifications which are not upstream in poelzi’s OpenChronos repo, most importantly the changes to build under mspgcc 4, I was unable to build under mspgcc 3 as support for some versions of the MSP430 were missing, this may just be an issue specific to version currently in FreeBSD ports tree however.
To build the openchronos firmware on FreeBSD you’ll need the following ports installed:

At the config stage of msp430-libc leave the “Use new msp430-gcc4 compiler” option left on & build.
Once everything is installed clone the repo listed on the openchronos website with git.
The config process for openchronos uses python & depends on the locale to be defined correctly, otherwise running gmake config on the shell will cause an error such as:
UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\u2503' in position 20: ordinal not in range(128)2
Defining LC_CTYPE with the appropriate UTF-8 encoding for your locale resolvers this, run locale -a for a list of supported types which you can declare.
Once that’s defined, running gmake config should show the configuration script, if you’re still receiving errors you may want to run gmake clean & try again.
You need to check the frequency setting is correct depending on the model of watch you bought.
Now save your configuration & run gmake to compile the code.
If you’re unable to compile the image successfully as the image generated is too large (see the problems section of README) either set “Metric only code” option in configure or try this patch which reduces the size of the image (Thanks to Andrey Ulanov for the pointer).
If build completes successfully, you’ll have two files in the build directory named eZChronos.elf & eZChronos.txt.
At this point I cheated & used Windows to flash the watch wirelessly.
Set the watch in rFbSL mode & run the Chronos data logger app, go to the wireless update tab, point it to the txt files & press “Update Watch”
A counter should show up to display the progress on the watch.
Once the flash is complete, all the elements on the LCD display should switch on