Syncing a Windows Mobile device with Thunderbird or Sunbird

Using FinchSync you can sync your Mozilla calander & email client (Netscape, Mozilla suite, Sunbird & Thunderbird are supported) with your PocketPC or Windows Mobile device. The tool comes in two parts, a client & server, the server is written in Java & is platform independent (well aslong as you you’ve got a jvm for your chosen platform! :P) & the client is in C#, which you install onto your PDA or smartphone.
The server runs on OS X without any problems aslong as you remember to change the default port to listen on as OS X blocks anything below 1024.

3 Replies to “Syncing a Windows Mobile device with Thunderbird or Sunbird”

  1. Have you tested this? I am looking around for some sort of system to allow me to maintain a live backup of all my contacts, sms’s et cetera on my computer at any time, if you know of anything remotly similar to this that would be cool

  2. Yep, I have used it, my only quarm with it is that it adds all the addresses you’ve replied which thunderbird has harvested to the windows mobile device which is a slight PITA, but nothing major, you just need to sort out your address book before you start syncing.

  3. ah alright m8, thanks for the feedback, i ve been looking for some sort of central storage for my address book et cetera which would hopefully be application independend but havent come across such a thing yet. And am not a supporter of outlook either

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