2 Replies to “Sun Blade 100 Compatible RAM”

  1. I have 2 Blade 100’s in the back that are nothing but trouble! Ubuntu doesn’t load very well at all and with the 3d card FreeBSD chokes. Opensolaris runs spiffy on them though, go figure. It was nice to pop the case and see standard equipment unlike the Ultra 10/60. Have fun with them and post what you do with them so I can maybe do something with ours.

  2. So far the box has run Solaris 8, OpenBSD 3.9 & currently has Solaris 10 installed. Solaris 8 ran ok, Solaris 10 feels a little sluggish but that’s probably because of 256MB RAM & OpenBSD ran without a hitch once the OBP was upgraded to v4.17.1

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