Booting straight to the console on Mac OS X

The guide on O’reilly Network covering howto bypass the OS X GUI doesn’t seem to work on 10.4.x (I haven’t verified it on previous versions yet), as the guide mentions you need to uncomment the first console entry & comment out the second entry in /etc/ttys

You then need to goto /etc/mach_init.d/ & remove WindowsServer.plist
I highly recommend that you move the file into somewhere else instead (I moved mine into /etc as it’s alot easier to roll back).

Once you’ve rebooted & logged in you should find that the system stays at the shell instead of jumping to a blank blue screen with a cursor.

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  1. Hi,
    After this hack I tried to start XWindows (that one provided by Apple); the graphics starts correctly (I can see and move the arrow pointer with my mouse), but I have no window manager even after modifed the xinitrc to start twm.

    any suggestion ?
    I’d like to use X instead of WindowServer for some particular situation…



  2. Thanks for the tip! Moving WindowServer.plist wasn’t necessary for a long time, but it appears that since 10.4.10 you have to do it again.

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