No more NIA forums :'( / New NeXT Community Forum Forum is now closed


it’s with some sadness that I have to announce that the forum is now closed. After almost four years, things have become more and more impossible
for me in terms of hosting and running a forum. So after being hacked three times, numerous hardware failures and now a severe lack of time, I have close it down.

A week ago, the forum server gave up. This server was built to last but one of the Ultrawide Scsi-III harddrives decided to take a permanent wacation. Doing that,
it also brought down the SCSI controller and damaged some of the other hardware in the server as well. The forum database is beyond repair and the backup was on
harddrive in the same server (for performance reasons this file was not pulled from the server every night since it was almost a gigabyte in size). This backup
harddrive was also dead when I got to the hosting facility.

I can’t afford to keep this as a free service and although I have recieved many a donations over the years, they does not even come close to actually cover all the
expenses I’ve had with getting new hardware, paying for bandwith, electricity, etc. The new threat with script kiddies hacking forums left, right and center
does not make it any easier and with a fulltime job, two daughters, a wife, a house and friends to look after, I have to say goodbye since buying a professional
forum software and a real server simply is out of my league.

Running the forum as a pay-for-access service is also out of the question for me, as probably also for many of you who have visited over the years.

So, on behalf of myself and Markus (mk_schmidt), I bid you farewell and extend our sincere gratitude for sticking with us over the years.
Thanks, Joacim ‘z80’ Update: The NeXT community is one that does not seem to be interested in just laying down and die. A new forum has been formed and I highly suggest you find your way there:

Great work, Guys!