Running OPENSTEP on Mac VirtualPC

I has not been possible to run OPENSTEP on Virtual PC for Mac for quiet a while (since V6), until now 🙂
The new update for VPC (v7.02) solves some issues which allows you to once again install OPENSTEP, the install process goes pretty smoothly aslong as you dont install any additional components (samba, aditional languages, documentations etc etc), otherwise the window manager will keep on panicing & restart cause of excessive DPS errors

OPENSTEP running on VirtualPC

One Reply to “Running OPENSTEP on Mac VirtualPC”

  1. How did u do that?
    I’m trying so… in a PC, i heard that it only works on a Mac, but to install the machine in Vmware, how do i do taht?
    Its quite easy?
    Do u have any tutorial? Where did you download your OpenStep?

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