Connecting to Apple Remote Desktop with VNCviewer

To access you mac’s desktop remotely using vncviewer you’ll need to install the Apple Remote Desktop Client 2.1 update which you can download from here
Then goto the Sharing preferences panel located in System Preferences, tick the Apple Remote Desktop tick box under the Services Tab & press the Access Priveleges button, set the permissions as you’d like & tick the VNC viewers can control screen with password box & specify a password in the box provided.
You can now connect to your mac using vncviewer from any machine 🙂

2 Replies to “Connecting to Apple Remote Desktop with VNCviewer”

  1. Awesome, but I am getting the error “unknown message type” from vncviewer on my Ubuntu machine! Any ideas?

  2. you need to play with the encoding settings in vncviewer on your ubuntu machine, If I remember right, you need to use RAW if I remember right.

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