Orinoco Silver to Gold Firmware hack

A few years too late 🙂 but anyways, If you’ve got any old Orinoco based chipset cards that you’d like 128 bit WEP encryption on you can use a tool called alchemy to mod the firmware so the card is ID’d as a Gold card, then reflash the firmware to have full 128 bit wep.

You can grab a copy of Alchemy here or here

Then use the Agere firmware flash util filename wsuags454c-872.zip to reflash the card (as It’ll flash just about any Orinoco based card), grab a copy of the tool here

2 Replies to “Orinoco Silver to Gold Firmware hack”

  1. I’ve got a buffalo wli-pcm-l11 card which I think is based on the orinoco silver. It only does 64bit WEP. Do you know if this software will work on my card?

    If so, what driver file name should I enter when I run the software. I’m using win98 and the lincomatic site says “user must input driver name
    in win9x”.

  2. Its been a while since I falshed my card, If I remember right, you install the drivers for your card, run alchemy & mod the firmware, the use the firmware update I mentioned in the article to reflash your card, then re-install the drivers for your card

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