My kit list:

Sun Sparc20 (quad 100mhz ross cpu’s) running Solaris 8
Sun Ultra 1E (170mhz) running Solaris 8
Sun Ultra 2 (single 200mhz) running Solaris 9
Sun Sparcengine AXI (330mhz UltrasparcIIi with 2mb l2 cache) running OpenBSD 3.6-STABLE
Dec Alphastation 250 4/266 & 255 4/300 atm not running anything but will be running OpenVMS & Tru64
P3 550 testbox, was running OpenDarwin up until a couple of days ago
P3 533 running OpenBSD 3.5-STABLE
P3 800 running Zeta YellowTAB
Dual P3-800 running Win2k3 Standard
PPro 166 running RedHat 8
Dual PPro 200 running FreeBSD 4.10
Celeron 1.3ghz running Win2k Pro
Performa 630 running A/UX
G3 12″ iBook 500mhz running OS X 10.4
G4 450 (Sawtooth) running OS X 10.3
ThinkPad T20 running Win2k Pro
APC UPS 700 & 1500
16 Port 100mbit switch
12 Port HP Procurve Switch
Netgear 802.11g Access Point
19″ Hansol monitor

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