Configuring OpenSolaris with IPv6 connectivity

To configure OpenSolaris to use IPv6 NDP (neighbour discovery protocol) create an empty file named in the following convention:
first hash being the interface number & the second being a user defined number for a logical interface

If you’re having DNS resolution issues, do
cp /etc/nsswitch.dns /etc/nsswitch.conf

To configure OpenSolaris to use a static IPv6 address
create a file using the same convention as mentioned during the NDP stage above & inside it add
addif ipv6address/mask up
addif 2a01:300:200::1/64 up

To configure your default IPv6 router on OpenSolaris
create a file named /etc/defaultrouter6 & add the ip address inside

The instructions above make the changes persist across reboots, if you’d like to make changes to a current session, the configuring an IPv6 network section of the IP services Solaris administration guide is a handy reference.
These instructions should also apply to Solaris as well though I haven’t tested it.
The source of information for this article was the IPv6hostsolaris wiki article.