WMI Window Manager

After a serious plugging by some of the peepz @ BSD Nexus (WIntellect!!) I decide to give the new window manager called WMI a try on my laptop running OpenBSD.
WMI is coming from the same angle as flux & black box in that its a totally stripped down window manager with heavy focus on keyboard shortcuts.
For OpenBSD the site links straight to the OpenBSD ports cvsweb page, where you can download the necessary files to build WMI, the build process went totally smoothely & a package was created in /usr/ports/packages/i386/all/ but as there is a error in one of the Make files, the package doesnt complete the install & outputs a error (will investigate this & keep you updated).

I wasnt particularly impressed with the default theme that WMI comes with (called industrial) but there are 2 aditional themes currently available on the WMI site which you can install, which I did (im currently running the DragonflyBSD theme) & judging from the contents of a theme if you dont like the themes available it wouldnt be very difficult to make your own one, a quick edit of my theme file to add some wallpaper & Its all systems go. 🙂