GeekLAN is 10 years old

This blog started life with a zero dot release of wordpress on the end of a 512kb down/128k up cable modem connection 10 years ago. Originally I had intended to host it on my AlphaStation which at the time was acting as my gateway, running OpenBSD. Unfortunately gettext was broken on Alpha at the time which meant though php was available I couldn’t build extensions such as the mysql one, I had a slot 1 PIII which was my previous gateway using RRAS on Windows 2000 Server, it replaced the AlphaStation and assumed the role of gateway again, this time on OpenBSD.

Up until 2009 this blog was served from my bedroom by then on a VIA C7 mini-its board with a ADSL connection. At some point it gained an SSL certificate from CAcert & IPv6 connectivity. Through this domain I discovered that NTL overrode the TTL values for records in the early days, caching DNS records for a week by default. Blocked several IP addresses from Thailand for excessive hits to the site. Of all of the computers which I collected over the years, most are now gone. I still have the Cobalt Qube2, some Macs and the ThinkPad X61s, the rest found new homes or where thrown away. The most popular posts so far have been on Apple products, the post that’s still holds true is the Solaris installer misreporting disk failure if it finds a disk label other than the one it was expecting.