Work issued me with a mid 2012 MacBook Air, one constant running issue has been rebooting on wake from sleep after a thunderbolt display has been attached or detached in previous state, with the upgrade to 10.8.3 I also started experiencing graphics glitches on wake. In the last week things took for the worse, Friday & Saturday I experienced my system going back to intial login screen on wake & after logging in having two concurrent sessions which meant some apps didn’t work correctly, Sunday night after a fresh reinstall, system failed to detect system disk but after 15 minutes everything was ok, on Monday I rebooted & the system displayed the progress bar at the boot screen as if it was flashing firmware though I’d not initiated an update.
Today I returned to my computer to find the system hung, power cycling the system produced the same flashing folder with a question mark which means unable to find system folder.
Booted off a 10.8.3 USB flash disk, disk utility reports a 33KB Sandforce SSD!

20130411-124209 AM.jpg

20130411-124233 AM.jpg

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  1. Hello, today I have same problem. Do you have an idea for the solution? Please answer me to email. Thank you

  2. Just installed a 120G OWC SDD. It showed up correctly in the disk utility only once. It disappeared when I tried partitioning it. After restarting it reappears as “33 KB Sandforce{2200026BB} and doesn’t go away anymore.
    Looks like a ‘dead on arrival” to me.

    Any suggestions?

  3. I have this problem too. Please, if you have solved, can you tell me how?. I have valuable information on that disc.

    My best Regards,


  4. I have the same problem (mid-2012 MBA) – oddly this started when I attempted to connect an external monitor. I have not tried to replace the SSD (for fear that it would be wasted $$). Any other ideas?

  5. mike, i have the same problem and it also happened when i started using an external monitor connected through a displayport>hdmi cable.

    did you end up replacing the ssd?

  6. same thing hit me – computer was frozen on screensaver this AM, booted to question-folder icon, got a 33 KB SandForce{200026BB} Media disk instead of the real 64GB SSD. visiting the Apple Store this afternoon…

  7. I just ran into the exact same issue, please let me know if you’ve got a solution. I’m also using a MiniDisplayPort -> VGA cable for my external monitor.

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