More Acme & tools of Plan9 from User Space

Mind blown today by the Plan9 tools as I got a chance to practice working in acme more today.
Browsing installed fonts exposed by fontsrv(1) as a file system using 9p(1) (a taste of treating everything as a file), using adict(1) which is a dictionary browser & win(1) which connects a shell with a pane in acme so anything you type into that pane is sent to shell & any output from the shell is sent back to the pane. This allows you to do such things as build notes as you work through a problem at the same time, without having to have a collection step as a part of your work flow.
I love the simplicity & elegance of this environment, the points raised above is essentially what is covered in the tour of Acme Editor by Ross Cox in the 2nd third part.

I’ve been trying different fonts for my terminal, currently between Inconsolata & Adobe Source Code Pro
Screenshot below is taken from 2 instances of Acme, one the left running with Inconsolata 19pt antialiased font & one the right Adobe Source Code Pro 17pt antialiased.

Inconsolata vs Adobe Source Code Pro

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  1. Curious for your Acme findings. I played with it a little a couple of months ago, but couldn’t get into it.

    BTW I really like Bitstream Vera Sans Mono as the main font, give it a try 😉

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