Going IPv6

Looking for something to do this weekend I remembered that a few years back after reading Secure Architectures with OpenBSD I’d signed up to freenet6, I retrieved my forgotten account details & logged in to the portal to get started, then remembered why I never got off the ground with this project, the client is a PITA to setup, a quick search of the ports tree showed up net/aiccu.
The description of the port:
AICCU makes it very easy for anybody to get IPv6 connectivity
everywhere they want. It uses the TIC (Tunnel Information & Control)
protocol to request the information needed to setup a tunnel through
which the connectivity is created.

AICCU supports the following tunneling protocols:
– 6in4 static (RFC 2893)
– 6in4 heartbeat (RFC 2893 + draft-massar-v6ops-heartbeat)
– tinc (http://www.tinc-vpn.org)
– AYIYA (draft-massar-v6ops-ayiya)

As AYIYA even works from behind NAT’s, thus unless there is a very
restrictive firewall in place, anybody should be able to get IPv6
connectivity without problems and everywhere they want.

One does need a SixXS account and at least a tunnel. These
can be freely & gratis requested from the SixXS website.

Before installing the port I headed over to the SixXS website to have a nose around, the FAQ is well worth a read, it lays down the basics of the signup process quiet well.
The only hold up between signing up & getting going with your 1st tunnel is the wait for approval by the project admins which though the site says it can be as long as a week took, it only a few hours for me (even on a saturday!:))
The project works on a credit basis (there is no money inolved), costs are broken down in the FAQ, basically you start off with 25 credits, which allows you to get a tunnel for a single host setup at the cost of 15 credits.
Once you’ve been able to demonstrate that you can keep the tunnel up for seven days you’ll be credited 5 credits, this will give you enough credits to apply for a subnet.
Fingers crossed, if it all goes well I’ll be migrating my home network to IPv6 sometime next week.

The setup of the aiccu client was pretty straightforward, I just needed to provide my username & password to the config file. You don’t actually have to use the aiccu client, you can create a gif(4) manually, this is covered in the faq aswell, but seeing as I’m a n00b at this I will ditch the client once I’m more comfortable. Before you fire up the client you need to configure your firewall rules so that ipv6 traffic is allowed, most importantly icmp6, details covered in the faq.

So, now I have a tunnel setup, the next step is to find a registrar to move my domains to whom supports IPv6 records, surprisingly the big boys, tucows, 1&1, go daddy don’t (well go daddy allows the creation of AAAA records but you can’t use them for your NS records).
The FAQ once again has this covered here
Once I’ve transfered my domains across, I’ll be ditching OpenBSD 4.3 & moving to -CURRENT temporarily as Apache supports IPv6 there.

RIP Jun-ichiro “itojun” Hagino