Hipster keyboard layout on Windows

Windows supports the Dvorak keyboard layout natively, out of the box, so there is no tinkering required outside of visiting control panel & selecting the desired layout.

To switch the location of the control & caps locks keys however, you need to modify the registry & and reboot. I’ve uploaded a registry snippet which can be applied (taken from Windows 7). It implements the changes covered in a post on kodiva.com.

Syncing a Windows Mobile device with Thunderbird or Sunbird

Using FinchSync you can sync your Mozilla calander & email client (Netscape, Mozilla suite, Sunbird & Thunderbird are supported) with your PocketPC or Windows Mobile device. The tool comes in two parts, a client & server, the server is written in Java & is platform independent (well aslong as you you’ve got a jvm for your chosen platform! :P) & the client is in C#, which you install onto your PDA or smartphone.
The server runs on OS X without any problems aslong as you remember to change the default port to listen on as OS X blocks anything below 1024.

Me & my Axim X50

Well, it’s just a little over a year since I got my Axim X50 PDA & I have finally put it to good use. After a couple of plays with PocketMac Pro I purchased my license for Missing Sync from Mark/Space

Though PocketMac Pro had a couple of really usefull features which aren’t included in Missing Sync (extract .cab files from .exe’s & sync iTunes library), Life is so much better with Missing Sync. Missing Sync is soooooo much more stable for starters (I’m running a alpha version of Missing Sync aswell), it also allows doesn’t get confused if you factory reset your pda & try to re-sync it. I was never able to re-sync my pda with pocketmac if I let my battery run flat, I’d have to uninstall Pocketmac & re-install so that It’d give me the option to scan for a device & install its sync components onto the device.
Another problem with PocketMac was that it was extremely unstable when used with wifi & bluetooth usually causing the system to panic!!

I have also upgraded my Axim to Windows Mobile 5 which kinda makes PocketMac redundent as they still don’t support it!

Howto Move the IIS Metabase from One Server to another

Using the following 2 commands you can export the metabase from one webserver & import it onto another, making migration between boxes very easy!

To Export:
C:\WINDOWS\system32>cscript iiscnfg.vbs /export /f plzwork.xml /d test /inherited /children /sp /LM/W3SVC

To Import:
C:\WINDOWS\system32>cscript iiscnfg.vbs /import /f plzwork.xml /dp LM/W3SVC /children /inherited /merge /d test /sp /LM/W3SVC

Exchange Mail Box / Store Disaster Recovery

I cant recommend Ontracks PowerControls Exchange recovery tool enough, I was cought out by a exchange server last week which had gone into meltdown, PowerControls let me mount the mailstore & dump the contents of the mail boxes & public folders to pst, it also has the option to dump the contents of a store to a exchange mailbox aswell which is extremly handy if you have another server live elsewhere (which I didnt!!! but I do now 😀 )